Life very rarely goes as planned. Even down to the simplest, often boring, details of our morning routines. First things first, the sharp cut into our blissfully-unaware sleeps, the clean line between Dreamland and The Real World so abruptly, violently severed. Our alarms – if you’re anything like me, fighting hard to stay buried deep in subconscious abyss, it’s multiple – pesky noise-makers, pinching and prodding sound-sleepers awake with their less-than-peaceful rings, pings, rattles and roars.

But, that unharmonious cacophony of buzzes and beeps is purposeful. It’s to call each of us forward, into the dawning of a brand-new day, one, simple gift with one thousand and one possibilities.

Day breaks and tightly-packed clouds, with subtle ripples hidden in their white fluff, look like snow’s reflection against a golden-orange back-lit sky. This is the tapestry for which each one of us gets to design single moments in time to practice and project courage, bravery, compassion, strength, understanding, care and support for ourselves and for those who cross our unique paths.

Ultimately, the days beginning – albeit a little slow and stiff as we trudge our way through thick brain fog to get to the bathroom to brush our teeth or to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee, usually in reverse order – is golden opportunity to be just a little better than we were yesterday, and a few steps closer to the best versions of ourselves. But, too often, we – well, at least myself – don’t take the time to open our eyes slowly and view life through this lens. Instead we quickly, and absentmindedly, inhale and exhale the days first breath, all the while squeezing our eyes shut before we force ourselves to bend and break from the safe cocoon of our beds.

Here is where it starts, the mental list-making and note-taking, check-marking in our brains all the things we must do before we head out the door and everything we need to do the very minute we pass over the threshold of wherever it is we’re expected to be – not one minute late and five minutes early.

It is in this calculated chaos we create space for mistakes and missteps. Entirely human, the ‘oh shit’ moments, but we don’t dare let ourselves slow down long enough to breathe, really breathe, taking in and letting go, feeling our humanity on a cellular level. It’s only then that we can regroup and re-direct our course.

But if you’re like me, then I know with confident certainty that when things go wrong, when our mental checklists are re-numbered, we come down hard on ourselves. We bristle and we blame, we count flaws instead of blessings. That’s human nature, right? Sure, but so is embracing your humanity, your weakness and your inability to do it all alone.

Tomorrow is a brand-new day, a blank canvas for you to decorate anyway you choose.

So, when those pesky noise-makers screech and holler, making their presence known, when the inevitable mental checklist starts ticking in your brain, try re-stacking it. Start with a new number one: Be kind and gentle with yourself. Don’t push too hard over the edge. Whatever gets done or left undone is enough. And you can always try again tomorrow.

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