When I was younger, well before I discovered the daydreamy, distractingly handsome boys in bands, only one poster hung, tacked, to my bedroom door.

There were not many similarities between images of well-kept, pre-pubescent boys and this first piece of wall art I was gifted, probably for a single-digit birthday, but it did hold an untouchable beauty all its own.

I’ve always had a dimly-lit fascination with butterflies, and I was mesmerized by this picture collage of their wings. There were two dozen of them, at least. These paper-thin flying machines came in all different hues and patterns.


It’s not the Devine artwork as life that fascinates me most about these captivating creatures; I am spellbound by the magic they perform. The Caterpillar begins life as a small, fuzzy worm who, at just the right moment – dictated by the universe, sheds itself to becomes a living, breathing painted canvas.

Nature is, indeed, wild. Our world commands transformation from something grand, simply because it lives, to a completely different, equally magnificent creation. What a mysterious miracle, metamorphosis.

Born as slow, slithering land creatures that one day emerge as pixie-fairies, impossible to catch.

That’s what attracts me to butterflies. Nature’s law is a physical manifestation of the promise that we, too, can be more than we are – as long as we believe in our power and can openly embrace change.

I wonder if a Caterpillar is capable of the same, fearlessly facing its calling to change, to evolve from one phase to the next. Or if he’s scooting along, finding just the right milkweed to nibble on and living, what he believes, is his best life.

When he starts to feel a full body itch, a sign that something big is about to happen to him. Does he fight it for days, refusing to give into the hard work of spinning a chrysalis and then breaking through its many layers to release a pair of fragile wings, like delicate flower petals pushing up through the earth.

Most butterflies I’ve seen embrace this seemingly uncomfortable phase of life, no matter if it was expected or not. But what if Caterpillars decided they were too comfortable and too afraid to do or be more.


What if Caterpillars decided never to open their wings and fly. They wouldn’t know such freedom as flying in the boundless breeze. And we, such curious onlookers, with binoculars or a finger for perching, wouldn’t know such natural beauty.

Change is scary even for those of us who have transformation programmed into their DNA. It takes work that is often challenging and exhausting. It’s easy to fear and avoid change, questioning and fighting natural laws along the way.

Try not to run from change. Instead, fearlessly fly into the next phase of your life with anticipation and appreciation. Choose not to deny all that you’re called to become, and all the beauty you are capable of creating and sharing with the world.

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