I’m reflecting on every change and challenge, each trial and tribulation – especially triumph – I have collected this year. Each moment and memory serves a very unique purpose.
Within the space between heartbreak and healing; misdirection and discovery; hurt and happiness; failure and success; prayer and praise, frenzy and focus; and loss and love, are important lessons we must learn and directions we should follow.
When we collide with an obstacle and then figure out how to conquer it, we build our inner strength and resilience. We become the one thing, the captain, we can count on and trust to guide us through the roughest storms.
I was reminded of a poem I penned a few years ago, while I was wading, and waiting, through another one of life’s toughest seasons.
These words, that came to me in a dream, were meant as a thank you to every person who had offered me guidance and support, and strength and stability through that time in my life.
Now, this precious little poem speaks to me in a new tone and a new language. This is a thank you to myself, for never giving in or giving up, even when it’s the easy way out. It’s a thank you to myself for persevering and persisting, no matter what.
I share this poem with you in hopes that you’ll remember: you don’t need to look outside of yourself for strength and stability. You don’t need to search anywhere but where you are for the tools, the smarts and the know-how to help you to get started or to keep going. Everything you need, especially serenity and peace, is already within you.


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