Growing pains. I’ve always thought it would be really nice if there were some prettier, softer words to talk about the process of becoming who we are meant to be, or how we are supposed to stand out and up in our own, uniquely powerful way.

The hard truth is, if growing and becoming were easy streets, everyone would be walking along them.

The signs and the guideposts that are directing our path to greater opportunities and successes usually requires difficult decisions and challenging choices; sometimes they interfere with our heart’s desires and our minds, that we were sure we had already made up.

But then something happens – losing a job, ending a relationship, experiencing trauma or loss, navigating changes in health or shifts in dynamics and routines – and we are forced to put down the map we crafted for ourselves and change course.

It’s up to us if we want to take a risk and a chance, trusting that our instincts are right and that this new pathway will lead us exactly where we need to go. We can also choose to stay where we are; this current road is safe and predictable. We know what to expect and we’re comfortable.

But what about fulfilled and enlightened? What about stimulated and creative? What about impacted and influenced?

Ask yourself these questions and if where you are right now will get you to the space of complete mind, body and soul gratification and contentment. If not, you’ll probably have to bend and break a little first. Doing more and being better requires the hard stuff. It requires hurt and confusion; there might be some stress and definite exhaustion.

growing and changing

But there’s more. Once you get through all that tough terrain, you’ll come away with new knowledge about yourself and what you want. You’ll have new skills and perspectives and ideas that you can share with everyone around you. Most importantly, you’ll be on the very right track to full-body health and happiness.

Don’t be afraid to grow and make changes just because it feels weird; feeling outside of yourself means you’re doing life right.

Trust that gut feeling.

Everything you’ve been through up to this point is on purpose. The lessons you’ve learned, use them as a steady guide forward.

Keep going – you’ve got this.

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