“I’m totally writing this moment down in my gratitude journal later tonight,” I declared, as my new coworker and friend urged me again and again – despite my deep desire to pay for my own blueberry almond multigrain oatmeal and dark chocolate cocoa – to put away my wallet and let her pay for our breakfasts.

I gave up trying to convince her otherwise when she winked and said, “you can even talk with your mouth full, for free.”

I gave her a little laugh and made a mental note for myself to also include her cool, casual comments in my reflections later on. I was touched by her early-morning kindness and laidback attitude, even though we were discussing union dues and other loaded topics.

Gratitude is a funny thing. The opportunities to recognize and receive the repeated gifts of life are always around us.

But we often miss out on those little notes from The Universe saying, Hey you. Yeah you. I’m always here for you, never against you.

grains of Gratitude

Usually it’s because we are blinded by the frustration and the aggravation that bubbles up when we forget that even the stuff that boils our blood or reddens our cheeks or causes massive headaches – all the crap that never goes as we plan – will eventually work itself out.

Admittedly, it’s tough to understand that every messy pile in our life will eventually be cleaned up. Until then, we’re sucked into the vacuum of stress and uncertainty and fear and it is near impossible to see outside of the mess.

I get it. Focusing on picking up little grains of gratitude after a depleting day becomes an even more exhausting exercise.

But the truth is, the more we do it – intentionally call-out all the goodness of the day – the easier it becomes to tally the wins over the losses; watch the number next to the W get bigger, too. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

You’ll probably also discover that gratitude doesn’t need to be grandiose. Gratitude can be as small as finding tiny grains of sand left in your shoes after daydreaming of returning to the beach.

Look for the sand in your shoes – it’s always there. When you find it, put your face to the sun, pay for someone’s breakfast and watch your blessings multiply.

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