Instead of making a New Year’s resolution, I am making a New Year’s decision. Who’s with me?

First things first, making a decision about anything that is important or helpful to the positive, forward-movement of your life is a serious confidence boost.

Secondly, taking ownership of your life – where you are and where you’ll be – gives incredible power to the potential lying dormant within your soul, making an explosion of purpose even more possible.

A decision to embrace who you are – every well-earned accomplishment and celebration shaken up with every flaw, fallout or fumbling step – returns your power to the right place – within you. Once planted squarely in your chest, your seeds of self-love, strength and pride will grow to great heights.

A resolution, on the other hand, is usually a statement rooted in self-shame and disappointment (I need to lose weight, I need to workout more often, I need to make more friends, I need to give up my wine or chocolate habit).

Intention behind the promise to improve may be positive, but the outcome is usually negative – we lose momentum for growth and don’t see it through to full bloom. That’s because power is no longer ours, it belongs to the thing (extra weight, not enough exercise, too little friend group, too much indulgence) that we deem reason for labeling ourselves unworthy or not enough of something for someone.

I am enough

There is nothing celebratory about tearing ourselves down in effort to build ourselves up. It’s just plain backwards, don’t you think?

It’s time to look forward in a different direction. Maybe instead of resolving to remove all the negativity we see in ourselves, we decide to acknowledge where we are and who we are as being more than okay. In the same breath, we recognize that there are new places we want to go and new experiences we want to have.

I am enough as I am today, but there is more to me tomorrow.

I agree, pushing ourselves to bend and shift is a natural part of living, learning and growing. But closing out one year and bringing in another with a bulleted list of things that are wrong or need fixing in our lives is no way to celebrate life.

While you are busy planning out and dreaming up where you want to go and who you want to be, take time to appreciate who you are and where you are.

You’re here. You’ve already made it to a great place. Now all you’re going to do is keep stretching further outside the space you’re in.

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