Life is a lot like this dandelion’s puff ball (yes, that is actually what they’re called by science. No, I didn’t make up a whimsical word just to be cute. Google it).

In one unexpectedly heavy gust of wind, this entire cotton-ball full of seeds can be blown in countless directions with no clue where it’ll land next; but it’s a good guess that these little tiny seedlings will float and fly hundreds, maybe thousands, of miles away from where they originally grew.

I don’t know any better metaphor for life than a fragile flower that never stays in one place for very long.


In one breath, for better or worse, our lives can completely change. Like the delicate dust dancing on a dandelion stem, we can be forced to let go and change directions, without much clarity for a smooth landing.

Unless there’s a parachute. Those scientists that I mentioned – they say the dandelion’s milky-white fuzz acts as a parachute for the seedlings. No matter how far or how high they blow up in the sky, those little tiny seedlings will always land safely and ready to grow, again.

Life is filled with unexpected wind gusts and rough skies. But no matter how up in the air you feel, you’ll always come back down.

Grab onto your own parachute – the people who surround you with love and support every day – and find peace in the uncharted flight. Soon, you’ll float back down, exactly where you’re meant to be, ready to grow, again.


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