If you’re anything like me, you’ve walked, run or rolled into 2019 with a laundry list dragging behind you.

It’s safe to say this checklist is every single one of your personal or professional goals and dreams that you plan to chase and grab in the new year.

Way to go – being focused and naming your intentions out loud is almost as good as a guarantee that you will see what you seek unfold before you.

I’m curious though, anywhere on your list of important must-dos, have you jotted down, ‘ask for help’?

I am asking the question, but I think I already know the answer: ‘why would I do that’… ‘I’ve got this’…’I’m good on my own’…’I HATE asking people for help.’

That last one used to be my favorite line. I had the warped idea that asking for help took away my power. I thought that asking for help meant I lack fundamental skills, knowledge or abilities to show up and show out.

In my mind, asking for help meant that I am incompetent or incapable of accomplishing whatever it is I am trying to do.

Ask for help

At the end of the day, I was sure asking for help branded me as weak, limited and under-qualified for adulthood. Frankly, I thought asking for help, in any capacity, made me less (smart, accomplished, able – fill in your own)  than anyone else in my peer group.

Actually saying that out loud and in my head, the words just sound silly and dramatic. But those two words together describe me pretty well. I know that much.

I also know at least one truth about life.

It is near impossible to accomplish any goal, large or small, completely on our own. 

Everything we know how to do, we had to learn. Every skill is trained. Every craft is honed. Every talent is practiced. At every step of filling our arsenals with our own gifts, there were people sharing their gifts with us.

Our teachers taught us. Our mentors gave us advice. Our friends listened to us. Our families held us up and cheered us on. Those acts of kindness, love and care are gifts of help given to us so that we may slowly but surely succeed.

This new year, remind yourself that it’s more than okay to ask for help when you need it. Asking for help is usually the push we need to start or restart our loads of laundry (lists).

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