speak your truth

You have made right it here because of your intentional aim and your focused strength.

You have held on tight through the unexpected whirlwind and have regained your footing on more solid ground. You have cleaned up the disorder and disarray of your life’s landscape. You have trimmed the weeds and watered the seeds of change.

You are blossoming, ready for a future full of golden opportunities and endless possibilities.

You have welcomed the pain and pleasure of shifting – the most uncomfortable but necessary workout of your life. Take a moment to catch your breath, release all of the tension and stress you’ve been carrying around in your head and in your heart.

Do not fear the transformation and change that comes from dropping pounds of self-doubts, negative self-talks, unfair comparisons and unrealistic expectations.


You are right here because you re-ordered your priorities and let go of the people and the situations that didn’t prioritize you.

You are right here – rising and soaring – because you are worthy and you are capable.  Embrace where you are today; hold on tight, you will not lose your grip. You will go even higher.

Believe each one of these truths, knowing you are strong and tenacious, too.


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