Never reject the past because you aren’t proud of who you were. Instead, reflect on every twist and turn of your journey so far with an open mind and a forgiving heart.

Every trail you’ve traced, no doubt tracked with missteps and misguided choices, has led you here.

You have traversed harrowing hills, lined with sharp, unrelenting thorns; the needled nest leaving your body prickled with pain and numb from exhaustion; and your mind reeling with tough questions: what is this suffering for; how is this deep ambiguity helping me; why has this difficulty been given to me.

You’ve also traveled through fresh-flowered fields, bursting with colors brighter than the sun and scents so sweet, leaving your fingers coated and dripping with honey.  Moments of pure, sensual beauty gives you the sharp clarity you need to receive the answers to hard questions: because you’re human and you’re alive.

promise and purpose

Life, grit mixed with glory, is not meant to be guided by all easy streets. If that were the case, you’d come back from your trip having learned nothing without gaining a single strength or skill.

Don’t reject where you’ve been and who you were. Instead, rejoice in every hill you’ve climbed and every field you’ve walked though – each step has led you here, to who you are. You are living – feeling, doing and giving; take pride in your life’s unique journey.

Remember, with every heartache comes another heartbeat. Healing follows every hurt. Every thorny trial, defeated, makes room for sweetly deserved triumphs.

Do not be afraid of your next path; do not fear a wrong step sending you backwards. You can never return to where you’ve been.

All you can do is use the lessons you’ve learned, the confidence you’ve gained and the skillful strength you’ve acquired to refocus your mind and redirect your steps, for each one holds a purpose and a promise of a life fulfilled.

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