My mind starts racing, grainy sands of worry stirring up trouble in my anxiously energized body.

A howling, emotional wind storm of this size rocks my unsteady mind from its centered peace.

When I am trying, in earnest, to control the harsh, biting winds of change or the calm, easy breeze of routine – living conditions mostly far outside of my realm of rule and understanding – is also when my expectant spirit feels most jarringly out of control.

I have learned, through an expanding collection of life experiences – the keepsake jars labeled Positive and Negative, nearly equalized – that the fastest pathway to peace is a road far less traveled than most.

Patient Heart

The highway to happiness is scarcely marked, with only a few directional guideposts highlighting the way. This relaxing roadway, free of dirt and debris kicked up by life’s wild lightning storms, is best traveled with blind faith, the freedom felt in reckless abandon.

The Universe is in business with mysterious miracles. Even when the wind is whipping you all around, and grasping at air does nothing to help settle you back down to solid ground, don’t fear the unsteady feelings. You’re being redirected towards experiences and moments you’ve never considered.

You will reach your destination not by your relentless planning and preparation, but by your patience. Trust that The Universe has placed the wind at your back, carrying you along at just the right pace.

Relax, enjoy the journey; it’s not up to you to keep time.

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