The many, singular mistakes – like branded marks burned into the deepest layers of our sensitive spirits – making up the moments defining the times we floundered rather than flourished, remain ingrained into our merciless minds; reminding ourselves, time and again, of the embarrassing missteps we’ve taken.

When the heat of its fire forcibly hits us, failure often feels like an external emergency; we sweat our miscalculations or our actions, fraught with errors and oversights, convinced our faults will completely transform our public perception, scorching our reputation beyond recognition. The truth is, fireworks from the fuck-ups eventually fizzle.

lessons in the messes

The frantic frenzy, the rising floodwaters of futile action, is really an internal emergency; the wildness brought on by exploding self-doubts and judgements, fueled by insecurities, ignited.

Before hitting the floor, it’s important to remember, people rarely recall the mistakes you made and the fires you started, but people are aware of how quickly you pull the pin in the extinguisher and clean up debris.

When you can find the lessons in the messes, when you can accept missteps as a natural part of course correction, those are the uncomfortable spaces wherein the invaluable gifts of failure are found; success does not exist without failure and failure does not reflect the likeliest of successes.

catapult to success

Hitting a target you’ve been aiming towards or reaching your highest pinnacle of purpose, in other words, the light-headed rush of achieving long-awaited success, of finally filling multiple spaces of your life’s Bingo board, can feel even more nauseating than the debilitating fear of failure.

That’s because success is carried by weighted strings of expectation and influence. Reaching the sky’s limit usually means there’s a lot of people down below, waiting and counting on you to continue flying with the same momentum. Success builds a following and a following means people listen to you with open, trusting ears. Success is a responsibility to show up and show out as your best self, every day.

Success can be exhaustingly scary, but with expectation comes motivation. Motivation can lead change and stir actionable impact.

Failure is not to be feared, but expected. Mistakes are a necessary means to newness; a strong catapult to success.

Make way for the equally powerful flames of failure and success; light your soul and watch it explode, into a rare and beautiful display of energy and intention.

success and failure

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