cotton candy

Rise up to each new morning’s cotton candy skies, no matter how many tries, with colorful energy and vivacity swirling around your waiting eyes.

Waiting, with patient expectation, to see what the day could be — hours full of productive motivation; decisions to fly, flee or flourish; chances to raise the steady bar and your quiet voice.

The choice, it’s yours, make it carefully; don’t let this day, a sweet treat from above, melt away so carelessly.

Messy, the sticky stains of regret; missed opportunity, colored patches or ruddy marks of what could’ve or should’ve been, settled deep within your head and heart.

Don’t forget, with each new cotton candy sky comes added sweetness of fresh breaths, yours to pull and drag from great heights.

Set your sights on taking chances, making choices and embracing changes to make each day delicious, in its own way, but never quite the same as yesterday.

you got this

Within your expanding mind and swelling heart lies untapped, limitless supplies of earned knowledge, collected feelings and gained abilities.

Unless cut-off by damaging insecurities, innumerable fears or passive indecisiveness, you are full of mental and physical energies propelling you forward.

Choose progress and decide fearless action. You are innately equipped with all the tools and trades you need to intentionally and intelligently guide your own path through the ever-changing terrain of life.

No matter the landscape, rocky or smooth, you can plot and plan your way through each new phase or stage of your unique journey.

Even in weak, broken spots, own your spirit’s renewable power to keep moving. Take a break, recharge; when you’re ready, take each new step with confident assurance: you got this.

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