waiting wisdom

Sweet girl, it all makes sense now, why you prefer control; you are most content breathing in the clean and clear air of certainty. Life is easier that way, when you can take strong, steady and sure breaths.

Sweet girl, in time, you will learn this important truth: life doesn’t run on power of confident promises or calm, comfortable assurances; always move forward with anticipation, expectations of the unexpected; grow comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Sweet girl, release your need for some control and a few of your tensions will fall away, too. Relax; even when your breath is shaky and your strength is shallow, you’re still breathing, living.

Sweet girl, life will test your resolve and resilience; life will exhaust your spirit and your mind; life will inflate your pressures and your pains. But you, sweet girl, are strong and you are smart. When experiences are tough and treacherous and when expectations are low or unmet, remember that you have all the skillfulness, adaptedness and emotional and mental intelligence to keep going, at your own pace.

be discering with your heart

Sweet girl, your path will be slow all around and bumpy in some places; you were designed to move at lower speed, allowing more time for you to learn yourself — your values, goals, desires, dreams and most importantly, your truth: you deserve every happiness and success you wish to achieve. Waiting is frustrating, but patience is a blessing. In waiting, your wisdom grows; identifying relationships, situations and opportunities, each with energies that do or don’t vibe with your own spiritedness, becomes simpler practice. In the slowness, you will be able to surround yourself with only that which serves you well.

Sweet girl, you crave validation and acceptance, you believe your credibility as an impactful person comes from the opinions of other people. The fact is, the depth of your worth is endless and unreachable, but only if you believe in your power. Sweet girl, decide your worth and expect to give and receive your value in return.

Sweet girl, don’t rush today or worry about tomorrow. Questions about your future will only create chaos in your present. The future hasn’t arrived yet, there’s nothing to do except to be here, in the now.

Sweet girl, have patience with yourself, too. You will face hard choices and even more difficult challenges. Some choices you make might feel like mistakes, some challenges you may assume are insurmountable, but no, they are exercises in building your character and assignments in sewing your moral and emotional and physical fibers.

Sweet girl, you have a full heart, open and ready to love anyone pledging its protection. Be discerning with who gets small pieces or your whole heart; make sure that their commitment to you is more than passive declaration, but active intention to love you back, equally and deliberately, the way you deserve.

Sweet girl, your heart will bend, it will surely break, but your heart will always have a strong beat — you will always be strong.


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