Life is the most impractical and fragile miracle; life never goes the way we plan — all the beauty and happiness of humanity can get marred by the ugliness of evil — and just as quickly as day becomes night, the magic of life is taken, swiftly and too easily.

Mindless tragedy is confusing; why anyone wouldn’t value and protect the miraculous gift of all life is incomprehensible for so many of us. Together, we may feel powerless against a darkness created by beliefs, values and prejudices that dehumanize and devalue and steal the precious breath of too many people.

In times of devastating heartbreak and fear, remember that there is no force greater or more powerful than love; light, love and compassion will rise from the destructive fires of hate and ignorance.

Wrap your arms around those you love most; hold tightly to the miracles surrounding you. Give thanks for another day, use time wisely and for good. Fix your eyes on morality, integrity, kindness and truth. The truth is, love grows and spreads like wild flowers wherever it is planted.

Goodness and Grace

So, my friends, I pledge to sprinkle love, kindness, happiness and compassion wherever I am. I pray you do the same. Though it feels like a dark day for so many of us, there will be bright spots among us, if we choose to see and be the light.

As you go out into the world today, carrying on with your daily routines and to-do lists, remember to act with love and compassion and know that goodness and grace will grow in your path.

There is peace even in the darkness of hate; there is calm in the mad noise and evil haste of our world. Go and find love. Create love and be love. Mostly, honor and protect the miracle of this day, of all life.

Be kind and gentle with yourselves and others – today and always.

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