I am a freshly 30-year-old woman, juggling a career in PR, multiple online dating profiles and an over-flowing social calendar. And I do it all on wheels. My physical disability has never stopped me from reaching for all the things I want in life, but it has made it a little more challenging to grab and hold on. Especially to love. But I fervently believe all things worth having also have a time and a place.

My favorite tattoo on my left wrist says, Que Sera, Sera. It means What Will Be, Will Be, and I try to live every day with that in mind. I’ve learned a good life is best lived with curiosity for what’s next and an openness to what will happen.

A good life, in my estimation, is high on laughter, good music and passions that inspire. It is low on worry, doubt and negativity. All checked and balanced by people whose value and appreciation encourages you to be better than you are.

I never say no to an invitation to see a funny movie, a favorite comedian or a show at an improve theater. I read books by my favorite funny people. Making other people laugh is one of my greatest joys. Humor is essential to being happy and healthy.

Good music is food for the soul. Live music is a religious experience. Nothing compares to hearing your favorite artist sing your favorite jams up-close-and-personal. Or in the nosebleeds (hey, at least you’re breathing the same air). I love concerts for the energy of musically-talented people. And I’m always hoping that I’ll be able to absorb their talent through osmosis or whatever that science-y word is. I once took voice lessons with dreams of becoming the next pop sensation. I’m still working on it.

Instead, I write. Hopefully well enough to make you feel something, good or bad. And to make you think while laughing or laugh while thinking. So we can share stories that inspire change.

I’ve been lucky enough to build my career around storytelling. A staff writer for a local nonprofit, I have the privilege of meeting incredible people whose stories of courage, strength and transformation inspire me daily.

While all of this makes me realize how lucky I am, it means absolutely nothing without the people I’ve chosen to surround myself with. My friends and family are my world.